Among Us Free PC Game Download 2020

Among Us Free PC Game Download 2020

Among Us Télécharger

Among Us Télécharger is an unusual online game in which, with other players, we are trying to prepare a spaceship for the trip. The saboteurs hidden in the group prevent us from completing the task. The production was developed by the Innersloth studio.

Among Us Télécharger

Among Us is a fun, two-dimensional multiplayer game that challenges gender classifications. We take care of the preparation of the spaceship for departure – at the same time, we cooperate and compete with other players. The title was developed and published by the independent studio Innersloth.

Among Us Game Download

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Game Review Among Us Download PC

In Among Us Télécharger, we observe the action from above – from the so-called top-down perspective. This is an unusual production in which our task is to prepare the spacecraft for departure. It requires cooperation with other game participants – we perform various tasks together, thanks to which we fill a special belt. However, we have to be careful – there are saboteurs in the group, whose task is to thwart our ranks.

We have to watch the map and the camera images all the time to see what other players are doing. Interesting fact, another way to complete the game is to find and throw all the hidden enemies from the ship. Saboteurs can ruin various components of the ship and even Play the last episode also kill crew members. Also play the last episode Hitman 3 Download PC. The groups Among Us gratuit have the ability to call meetings where events are discussed and vote on who will be thrown off the ship.

Among Us Télécharger

It is noteworthy that the game allows you to customize both the character that we play (we can change the color and the hat) and various mechanisms (for example by adding more saboteurs or tasks). Among Us Download has very simple two-dimensional graphics. The binding does not impress, but it is clear and reflects the humorous nature of the game well.. The game does not contain microtransactions, but as a DLC, you can buy various cosmetic accessories, such as skins or pets (for example, a small hamster in a spherical terrarium).

In among us, we can only play with others. The basis is multiplayer mode, the game taking place both on the Internet and via LAN. Multiplayer mode Among Us jeu pc is multiplatform – gamers playing on computers can play with users using smartphones (Android and iOS). The production is also integrated with the famous Discord communicator.

Among Us gratuit

Man is the cruelest animal ", wrote Friedrich Nietzsche, and humanity, taking into account only the events of the last century, proved he was certainly right. However, does each of us have an element of extreme evil, sickly cunning, a tendency to manipulate even those who are close to us? Would we all be able to abandon our friends in cold blood, just to enjoy our fleeting success for a while? The conspiracy, is the plot and the lie to power really second nature to Among Us Télécharger PC?

If you haven't heard of this production in the last month, we hope that your adventure with the hermits has given you the desired spiritual experience. This simple – both in terms of gameplay and graphics – stormed the gaming community, who in the blink of an eye dropped another hugely popular multiplayer title, Fall Guys, for the job of being the worst version of himself.

Among Us gratuit

I defended myself from this phenomenon for a while, but when I lost my graphics card and only integrated it, Among Us turned out to be a natural fit. Virtually no hardware configuration required, the ability to virtually spend time with friends, rules based in part on the Mafia, that I loved at parties – the production of the studio InnerSloth did not have to convince me for long.

But what started out as innocent fun with friends quickly turned into a dark festival of manipulation., reciprocity, baseless accusations and lynching of innocent people. In a word: It was great. So, to facilitate your entry into this world Among Us gratuit pc brutal conspiracies and betrayals, I invite you to read my thoughts. Here are five things among us that taught me about human nature.

Among Us Télécharger

I played a lot of games during this pandemic and most of them were good. Very well. I'm talking about Doom Eternal, Dark Souls 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided or My Beloved The Long Dark. Among us, you walk around in a hurry stuck together in GIMP, and the biggest challenge is getting the card through the reader at the right speed. And yet it was only during the production of InnerSloth studio that I suddenly realized that damn, the “end of the night” was long gone and we are slowly entering the “early morning”, and I Among Us Download still want one more turn.

It's easy to find out what makes the repair so addicting in this production. Is everyone so excited to be a reliable crew member: connect cables of different colors, enter codes or change key? Probably not. Among Among Us Download we are not the domain of the angel, but the devil on our arm. Possibility of scandalizing several people at the same time by inventing truly satanic manipulations, the heart beats faster after each successful murder and escape, listening to others blame each other and throw innocent people overboard … This production really harmonizes with the ugliest side of our nature Among Us Download on PC.

System Requirements Among Us Download

Among Us – Minimum PC hardware requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 +
Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
Memory: 1 RAM Go
DirectX: version 10
Disk space: 250 MB of available space

Version Complete Among Us Télécharger PC

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