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The last game Back 4 Blood Download is here. Start an unforgettable adventure that will consume you for many hours. Did you also miss a good cooperative action game lately ? The last multiplayer title that really hooked me was Warhammer: Vermintide 2. This is what I considered “the spiritual heir” cult shooter – Left 4 Dead, only located in a different universe and with some added elements, such as as the development of heroes or weapon classes. Meanwhile, somewhere, I missed the next Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Download

And when the open tests of this last title were already taking place on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X and PC, I felt an authentic explosion of power and enjoyment of the game, no less than the mighty blows that are served to the hordes of zombies. It should be mentioned that while the portfolio of Turtle Rock Studios does not appear to be very extensive, few years ago, this team cooperated with Valve, creating the original parts of Left 4 Dead. Then there was a split and the experienced team, unable to use the title of the cult shooter, just produced Back 4 Blood. The similarity of the names is therefore absolutely not accidental.

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Back 4 Blood Download

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More fun in the horde, that is to say, we shoot with our friends

All the joy of playing Left 4 Dead came from cooperative mode, which perfectly combined the dark atmosphere of zombies with great dynamics, a well-balanced level of difficulty and a fairly interesting campaign. It is true that the various missions mainly boiled down to the extermination of the hordes of living dead, but all of this has been developed in such a way that it is not boring and that many players like Left 4 Dead to date.

Back 4 Blood torrent

Back 4 Free Blood continues to do the same as its predecessors with just as much success. However, it was decided to add a modified mode to the four-person co-op, in which a total of eight players in two teams compete against each other – some are cleaners, other worms – because that's what classic zombies are called here. Unlike Left 4 Dead 2, we also have a narrowing play area theme.

I must admit that in the beta, a little because of technical problems, a little because of a little experience of randomly chosen companions, I didn't let myself be dragged into this fun mode any longer. Cooperation is different – oh this one nails you to the screen for long hours

Back 4 Blood torrent

One of the indisputable advantages that make Back 4 Blood addicting pc game are the diverse and stronger adversaries that appear relatively often. Classic solutions, such as enemies who jump at the wall, can always give you chills down your spine . In their turn, powerful bosses with a long health bar keep the team of players together, heal themselves and try to send as many balls as possible into the giant. Moreover, the difficulty level quite demanding but not frustrating makes every finished fight really satisfying.

A powerful arsenal and assets up your sleeve

Turtle Rock Studios didn't take the easy way and just refreshed the old hit, which they co-created thirteen years ago. And very good, car Warhammer : End Times – Vermintide proposed, for example, to increase levels and acquire better and better weapons. In turn, Back 4 Blood torrent stands out from the start, among others, using cards that diversify the game, which places this title higher than Left 4 Dead.

Back 4 Blood Download

The aforementioned solution consists in the fact that before each mission an effect is drawn from the deck, which makes it a little harder to play. Most of the time, it is also associated with an optional challenge – for example, if you manage not to scare the birds that summon the horde, heroes will receive an additional payment in internal currency. Players can create their own bonus sets and activate them before starting the game. Some of them are related to faster reloading, others to increased damage resistance, etc.

However, what makes me the most, it's here variety of arsenal . Weapons have colors and classes, as in many loot shooters, including The Division 2 ou Destiny 2. Moreover, you can attach stocks to it, magazines or sights. The greatest joy, however, was the variety of weapons in terms of using the DualSense pad, that I used while reading the beta of Back 4 Free Blood on PlayStation 5.

I honestly admit, by purchasing the Sony console, I was wondering when I was finally going to take full advantage of adaptive triggers. well, now I know. The feeling of using a variety of weapons is great in Back 4 Blood on PS5 ! Bursts are fired differently than with conventional semi-automatic rifles. For “Pull” of a classic pistol, you have to squeeze the trigger much harder, and the completely different feeling is when the streak is ripped from a light rifle. It cannot be described, you have to try it. I was personally charmed and spent a good hour at the public shooting range, to test weapons and play with the pad.

Back 4 Free Blood

The shooting support on the console was also quite well resolved . Sometimes, however, I trusted him too much and when I “spat seeds” on hordes of enemies, it turned out that my teammate had entered my line of fire, which caused his life bar to drop quite quickly – and not because of the zombies .

Oh yes, sometimes, you can get angry with your teammates, especially since Back 4 Blood supports cross play, so console gamers and PC gamers will join the fight. In such a situation, help with the use of analog sticks is needed to match the team using mice. Fortunately, this item is really well done here.

Back 4 Blood Download – is it worth the wait ?

As a matter of fact, I don't think Back 4 Blood be Left's spiritual heir 4 Dead. It's just a Left 4 Dead 3 named differently. Everything is here and basically, we would only like the creators of Evolve to control the asymmetric PvP mode a little better. If we succeed the first, we will get a game with two successes in one. However, even without that, the cooperative campaign makes difficult to break up with Back 4 Blood.

The cards, on the other hand, are an interesting diversion, but I have a feeling they still need some fine-tuning and should be a bit more powerful to really affect the gameplay. There is still time before the game is released, and the developers are already planning DLC ​​additions, so I think this element still has a chance to improve.

Back 4 Free Blood

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The main advantages of Back 4 Blood torrent are the level design, the pleasure of shooting and the variety of the arsenal. Here, Turtle Rock Studios rose to the challenge . During several hours of testing, I exterminated zombies with great pleasure. Sometimes, I happened to be killed by reckless companions, but such are the charms of playing with random companions on the internet. After selecting a well-coordinated team and organizing the voice communication, the games will be even more satisfying.

So, if you failed Back's beta test 4 Blood, do you take your word that there is something to look forward to. My fingers crossed for the further development of this game and the fact that the servers will be filled to the brim with Cleaners. Of course, the worms will always be at least one more horde – well, there will be enough to shoot ! We also invite you to adventure Far Cry 6 Download to PC

Comments Back 4 Free Blood

  • the playability and atmosphere of the iconic Left 4 Dead,
  • various enemies and powerful bosses,
  • a card system that successfully diversifies the game,
  • in the PS5 version, brilliant use of DualSense pad for various weapons,
  • good audiovisual framework,
  • until now, PvP mode attracts less than cooperation,
  • many cards are of marginal importance

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