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Dysmantle download is a game of’ open world action RPG , whose development is an independent studio 10tons. I'm talking about a team with titles like Tesla vs Lovecraft , Jydge , Crimsonland or Spellspire in his portfolio . Among the many sources of inspiration mentioned by the developers, the flagship series are Dark Souls , The Legend of Zelda , and SteamWorld .

Dysmantle download

Dysmantle Download

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Dysmantle Free takes us to a picturesque island victim of a mysterious cataclysm. In Dysmantle result, the creatures that inhabited it (on both humans and wild animals) turned into bloodthirsty beasts . During the game, we play the role of a daredevil who, after leaving the haven of peace, intends to find a way to escape from this place. Before doing it, however, he will have to fight to survive, gradually taking control of this piece of land.


In Dysmantle torrent, l’ action is shown in an isometric view . The main element of the game is the title "teardown" ; the hero can destroy the vast majority of objects found in the game world, thus obtaining precious materials such as plastic, rubber or metal. After finding the right project, the resources obtained allow him to create useful objects, tools, clothes and weapons (we are talking about melee and ranged weapons, as well as various traps) and improve the’ equipment already owned .

Dysmantle Free

A properly equipped protagonist can continue to venture into a wilderness full of dangers. , eliminate the enemies encountered there (whose organs can also be used as building materials), and build outposts to seal its presence in a given area. L’ exploration is also encouraged by the presence of mysterious ruins that open before us after solving the puzzles that protect them.

These places can be a source of technological advances of a bygone era (offering an advantage over inhospitable environments) or unique materials with almost magical properties (which in turn are used to create powerful equipment).

Dysmantle torrent

It is to highlight that nothing stands in the way of turning your base into a post-apocalyptic farm , where our client grows plants or raises tame animals ; Fish can also be a source of food. Well that the food is not a necessary condition for survival here (the hero cannot starve) , preparing various dishes based on the recipes found grants the protagonist permanent bonuses of statistics and of skills . Moreover, in return for the activities undertaken, the hero acquires’ experience , thanks to which he can meet more and more challenges over time.

While you go up of your shelter after long years , a brave new and old world awaits you. A world populated by wicked creatures and villages . A world with no other human soul to see. A world with nature reign now. A world that's about to get even worse.

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You have to find a way to’ escape the miserable island . But before that, enjoy the bittersweet apocalypse .

  • 💥 To break more than 99% from all objects to materials with the right tools. No barrier will stop you.
  • Fight with (or run away ) wicked and vile creatures of the post-apocalyptic era.
  • 🌵 Explore the handcrafted open world and discover its mysteries.
  • To survive . Get rid of the monster areas and claim it as your own.
  • 🔨 Build outposts to establish your presence.
  • 💎 Craft permanent weapons, tools, clothes and trinkets.
  • 🐫 Hunt different game or tame them for your post apocalyptic zoo ranch.
  • 🌱 closed nutritious plants and reap the fruits as the crop becomes ripe.
  • 🏆 Solve puzzles above ground and underground in the Tombs of the Ancients
  • 🎣 poisson cunning scaly things under the liquid surface.
  • 🍰 Bake delicious recipes for permanent stat updates and ability.
  • 🗿 Reveal the mysteries of the strange island.

Explore the ruins of the past and learn about technology free games to download of the hitech era. Gain a technological advantage against the harsh environment. Or go further and recover ancient knowledge lost in the hidden burial chambers of the ancients. Obtain materials with almost magical properties and use them to craft incredibly powerful equipment.

More than 99% everything can be broken for materials with the right equipment. Do it and collect the sweet nectar of the old world : plastics, rubber and metals. Il and a name reasonable of different materials to collect. Find receipts for fabricate of objects permanent and improvements. Explore the vast handcrafted open world and build outpoststo establish your presence. Claim the territory Dysmantle zone Download on pc by zone. Find hidden treasures and solve long forgotten puzzles. Find your way to escape the island.

The world after the end is inhabited by evil creatures. Something of will affected most of the wild animals and ancient human inhabitants of the island, turning them into aggressive beast-like creatures. Kill them and collect their loot. Harvest their organs and gift them eternal rest . Or run away and come back when you're stronger. Fight using various melee and ranged weapons. Create traps and attract monsters. Do whatever it takes.

You won't fight just to keep the the status quo . This is NOT a hunger game. You will not constantly be lookinga tasty cockroach to fill your over-metabolic stomach while waiting for the inevitable happiness of death. You never starve . You will gain power and unlock permanent improvements . The world is a dangerous place, and you can take a few steps in Dysmantle download back every now and then, more you will finish through flourish .


    • Requires processor and operating system 64 bits
    • Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
    • CPU: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2048 RAM Mo
    • Graphic card: SM 3.0+
    • DirectX : Version 11
    • Disk space: 512 MB of available space

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