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Immerse yourself in agricultural life with Farm Manager World DOWNLOAD ! Manage your own farm in vibrant global locations, Grow exotic crops and build your food empire. Welcome to sustainable agriculture at its best.

Farm Manager World DOWNLOAD

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Farm Manager World – About this game

Immerse yourself in the agricultural world of Farm Manager World ! Build your farming empire in exciting new locations around the world, grow exotic plants, raise animals, use crop rotation and fertilizers to take care of the soil and exchange resources with your friends.

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Farm Manager World is the latest installment in the Farm Manager series, dans lequel vous aurez l'opportunité de cultiver une variété de cultures du monde entier. Start your farm in Europe, in Central America and soon in Asia.


Each plant has its soil needs. Research soils and apply appropriate fertilizers to increase soil grade, its pH and nitrogen level. Using crop rotation will improve crop yields.
Raising young animals, acheter, to feed, cure, prendre soin d'eux, get resources and sell animals


Concevez stratégiquement l'aménagement de votre ferme et débloquez des outils agricoles avancés pour rationaliser vos opérations. Always pay attention to the shelf life of crops. A new logistics and storage system will make it possible to control the flow of goods and facilitate their commercial management.

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Observez la demande et l'offre sur le marché et profitez des meilleurs moments pour acheter et vendre vos produits. Every purchase and sale affects the global market and prices of raw materials and products


Hire skilled workers, assign them to appropriate tasks based on their skills. Buy the necessary machines, monitor their technical condition and fuel availability to ensure their reliability during harvest


Build factories and process the products you collect. Vous aurez une multitude d'options de préparation des aliments à portée de main – de la cuisson et de la fermentation à la congélation, marinating, jarring and much more. Growing organic produce is challenging due to diseases and pests, but can be very profitable.

How to download Farm Manager World ?

  1. Click on the button Download.
  2. Le programme d'installation sera téléchargé, run it.
  3. Suivez les instructions du programme d'installation.
  4. Attendez que le programme d'installation will download and install Game.
  5. Once installed, you can run PC game.
  6. Good game.

Required configuration

Le minimum:

    • Nécessite un processeur et un système d'exploitation 64 bits
    • Système d'exploitation * : Windows 7/8/10 (versions 64 bits)
    • Processor: Intel i5-8400, AMD Ryzen 5 2600
    • Memory: 8 RAM Go
    • Graphic: GTX 1650 4 Go

    • Nécessite un processeur et un système d'exploitation 64 bits
    • Système d'exploitation * : Windows 7/8/10 (versions 64 bits)
    • Processor: Intel i7-8700K, AMD Ryzen 5 3700X
    • Memory: 16 RAM Go
    • Graphic: RTX2060 8 Go

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