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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Download is not an ordinary revival of the cult game of 1997, but a brand new version that will only have a few things in common with the original. The authors decided to introduce significant changes in all aspects, including … l’intrigue. Of course, the pillars on which it rested more than two decades ago have remained intact. I mean the universe (the world known as Gaia. Where fantasy and magic combine with industry and modern technologies) and the heroes.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Download

But apart from that, the writers had their hands full to rebuild some plots and add whole new ones. The game has grown so much that it is expected to be released in several major parts. The first will occupy two Blu-Ray discs, and the available map will be as large as that of Final Fantasy XIII. The gameplay has changed even more. Final Fantasy 7 Free remake has been adapted to modern standards and preferences of gamers, making it much more dynamic. L’exploration, conversations with NPCs and character development will continue. To be important elements, just like the fight. However, the latter has changed beyond recognition.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Download

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Battles will now take place in real time, we will be able to switch between team members at any time and we will be able to move around the arena quite freely. The authors also prepared a classic mode – ATB (Active Time Battle) – even if we fear that it will automatically lower the level of difficulty. Anyway, players who preferred the turn-based combat of the original should be interested..

The Final Fantasy audiovisual decor 7 Remake torrent will also be unrecognizable. Square Enix, wanting to keep the spirit of the original, hired the same director, chara-designer or composer to work on the new version, but on the technical side, Many things have changed. The game, developed on the basis of Unreal Engine technology 4, makes a strong impression. Full dubbing (in English) will probably also make a huge difference in the perception. Remember that in the original all texts had to be read – now each of the characters will speak with their own voice.

Final Fantasy VII Remake should be a great example for all producers / editors who decide to refresh the hits of years ago. Everything indicates that its creators will manage to keep the spirit of the original, while offering a modernized version of both the gameplay and the audiovisual framework. The involvement in the reconstruction / expansion of the scenario is also impressive. I am very curious about the final effect (sic). We will soon be able to evaluate it, because the 3 mars, in the PlayStation version 4. PC edition will likely debut next year.

The campaign takes us to the world known as Gaia, where industrial technologies combine with traditional fantasy elements. The main character is Cloud Strife – a former soldier and mercenary who joined the avalanche resistance movement and with several comrades against the powerful Shinra company. This company harnesses the life energy of the planet for profit and can thus lead to the destruction of the entire world.. Game Halo Infinite free pc.

The remake focused on the TPP perspective and dynamic clashes typical of modern action RPGs. New in free download games is a hybrid combat system that combines real-time with known tactical elements from the original turn-based. We can block and avoid the opponent & rsquo; s hits. Basic attacks work like a typical slasher and recharge the ATB bar (Active Time Battle) ; when it fills up to the right level, we can run slow motion to use skills, spells or an object. Each of these actions lowers his level, it is therefore not possible to use healing potions with impunity.

The "shift" status mechanism has been added (known from the thirteenth opus); after applying it to an opponent, we inflict more damage on it. There was also “limit break” – a special skill available after charging the bar with the damage received. The system “matter” is also back – weapon upgrades with special abilities, whose use also depends on the ATB bar (et MP). There are also keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently performed actions in Final Fantasy. 7 Remake Download, which makes conflicts even faster. During the fight, we can freely switch between team members.

Final Fantasy 7 Free remake

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