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The last game God of War Télécharger examined. I must confess that Sony Santa Monica a carried out the pre-marketing of the game in an exemplary manner. A lot of things were being shown, the game was loud everywhere, and at the same time we weren't told anything at all, leaving all the surprises to discover for ourselves. Pre-release concerns about the show's murder turned out to be hugely exaggerated. Kratos sur PS4 returns in a whole new RPG form, without giving up the action-packed gameplay known to its predecessors. God of War Télécharger

The game God of War is not a walking simulator, childcare or an incredibly long movie. God of the waris a very long game, huge and full of secrets in which you want to test every corner of this perfectly created world. Hear every dialogue between the heroes and learn about the reasons for Kratos' presence in the winter wonderland of Midgard.

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Yes, new God of War gratuit is a narrative RPG. So there are times here when we listen to long dialogues. Let's watch scenes where we don't do anything (although there are also interactive scenes), and we absorb the playing world of every note we find. This is one of those games whose main plot unfolding will prevent us from knowing even half of what the developer wanted to tell us.. Of course, it's not just a story without side stories, conversations and stories are not interesting.

Sony Santa Monicathis ultimately allowed Kratos to see. No more guy screaming all the time he's gonna kill everyone. Spartiata became a father who, despite his past and the burden he has to carry because of it, also wants to be a father. Shaping Atreus with a hard hand and raw texts, but still a father. And he's not a one-dimensional character. With time, he is evolving, even if I reassure you, he doesn't become a typical daddy who would only regret.

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On the contrary, Atreus takes on the role of the boring bastard at one point, but this is a deliberate narrative piece. Successful game, because at the end of 10 minutes, i was fed up with the kid. And although Kratos' past and his connection to his son are an axis. Central defined, there is room for a successful antagonist, and everything is very carefully woven into. Nordic myths, telling us where the series could go in the future. And now, i'm excited about it.

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The world created for the game is huge. And it's not a open world typical as in this world. Its design is closer to mixing Souls with RPG games.. Midgard is our hub from which we start to accomplish the next missions. But Midgard is evolving, God of War torrent revealing its secrets as the game progresses, giving us new things to discover and complete. Such a structure looks like metroidvania, who loves to throw us in places visited with new toys. This is also the case here, but you don't feel like going back at all.

God of War Télécharger

The character development system isn't too RPG-like either.. We do not give skill points, we don't automatically level up. For experience points, we buy new weapons and runic attacks, and improve them as much as possible up to the third level. Stats increase based on equipment worn and runes placed on it. This is a good solution that does not even tempt the player to play somewhere, because it doesn't make sense anyway Halo Infinite.

God of War gratuit

a – enemies do not reappear everywhere and not immediately, And two – the most common drops are silver, that you use to forge items at the blacksmith's. But you won't once complain about the lack of money, free games to download because by selling artifacts found in the game world, you will become God of War Télécharger quickly rich. Of course, high level items force you to complete difficult tasks, discover treasure or defeat an extremely difficult opponent. The game won't give us anything for free.


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