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The latest game version GTA San Andreas Download for pc. We are in 1992. Five years ago, black mobster Carl Johnson had left a stressful life in Los Santos, San Andreas, to seek his luck in Liberty City, a city of freedom and great prospects … Sadly, as is usually the case with dreams, so this one did not happen. Carl finally started making money as a car thief, barely making ends meet.

Sadly, bad luck did not leave him. On his brother Sweet's phone, he learns that his mother and his brother from 10 years, Brian, were murdered by unknown persons. Carl returns to the funeral…

GTA San Andreas Download

GTA San Andreas Free Download

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Back in the neighborhood, several corrupt cops accuse Carl of murdering a high-ranking policeman. CJ must embark on a dangerous journey across the entire state of GTA San Andreas Download to exonerate himself from the wrongful accusations and find the murderers responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. He doesn't even think that the main culprit of all this fuss is in his immediate vicinity..

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GTA San Andreas gratuit pc is another great game from the legendary series, telling a multi-threaded story of the life of a petty gangster who rises in the criminal underworld, rung by rung. The atmosphere in the game deserves attention, what a difference with the one we know from GTA III or Vice City. In South Africa, you can smell the gang wars, the characteristic poverty of slums and the hot sand of deserts. The whole thing creates an incredible impression, additionally seasoned with good music.

On our way, we will also meet many characters, often known to us in earlier parts of the all-time series. Friends of Vice City are sure to stand out – lawyer Ken Rosenberg and music star manager Kent Paul are the most played characters in GTA games history.

Vehicles in game

In GTA San Andreas Download, we have a large number of vehicles at our disposal : bikes, through the engines, cars, helicopters, planes and tanks. There's even a JetPack ! Definitely one of the best games in history, and because of the vastness of the world (3 cities + suburbs, deserts, villages…), it provides entertainment not for days or weeks, but for months !

For the average Pole, America's big city underground gangster is an exotic world dreamed up by marketers. Mafiosi street scores and 21st century ghetto life are alien to us. Because they represent a completely different vision of reality than the one we have been taught to perceive in the present on the Vistula.

The United States and Poland are divided by a huge cultural difference, economic and ideological. On the other side of the ocean, we receive information about the pink criminal world in the United States, shaped by commercial enterprises. The philosophy of a black gangster is a great subject for Hollywood hits, and for girls who avoid wider pants, this is a great subject to make fun of the cozy atmosphere.

Pro-American editorial

Shirtless Wrapped Gangster, with kilograms of gold hanging on his chest, is driven in a LowRider with the complete 2pack set muse. In the glove box, an overloaded weapon and the eternal expectation of a rifle burst from the enemy gangster. But no one studied gangster life at the University of Utah. This style GTA San Andreas Download of existence and the struggle for survival have created living conditions in the poor neighborhoods of American cities. Hip-hop was popularized by those living in western poverty, but able to break through and get out of the mud of the niggers. One in a hundred will make it, rap is still relevant because the underground gangster still exists. let me tell you a story.

1992 …

The guy's name GTA San Andreas free pc game is Carl Johnson. Life intertwined our destinies when CJ (because that's what they say about him in the city) returned from its migration to the old scraps, in Los Santos. Return reason – the mysterious death of the mother. An unpleasant affair, especially when the family neighborhood welcomes CJ in the same way. Already at the airport, local dogs spotted him. They flew at the start, it happens, most blues are racist. For dessert, they threw a gun at him, trying to trick him into murder.

CJ is a badass, harder than it seemed at the beginning of our relationship. He has dreams and, more important again, he implements them diligently. He also always has a plan and priorities. Find my mother's killer and start a case in the neighborhood. Personally, Download GTA San Andreas I advise him to keep his black ass as far away as possible after adjusting the dashboard. Do you know what suits me ? That he would consider this idea. He repeats it every time he gets the chance..

Carl GTA San Andreas gratuit was a gangster since he was a kid, it must be said by vocation. Anyway, with such a family, hard to change jobs. Sadly, despite its name, CJ was a stranger to his and a new to old trash. His brother Sweet, maybe born, runs the family business. Gang Grove Street Families count on the city, but their ambition is to rule over this whole smelly metropolis. Carl could have been helpful, so they started testing the new meat asap.

donkey work

CJ couldn't complain about the lack of work. It's to take his friends to have a look, shopping for a few crooks from a rival gang, another time to save a friend's ass. Carl was really into it and after a few successful actions, he was looking forward to GTA San Andreas Download next missions. The gangster world of San Andreas is one of the most interesting lifestyles. Nowadays, CJ mentions LowRiderami races, a burglary at Madd Dogg's villa or a fight at the Vagos gang headquarters in East Los Santos, which ended with the introduction of a seductive Denise.

The visitor had a lot of fun and gained the respect of the locals at the same time. We often came to the gym, biking and running in the city also did their job. Carl at large, not only mentally but physically. A guy with amazing muscles and tattoos, covered in gold and expensive clothes, inevitably exerts psychological pressure on passers-by. At least, I don't want to have any problems with him. Certainly, he has gained a bit of weight lately, but says he works on a mass. For the mass, whether, I'm even afraid to think differently from him. Anyway, we've been spending too much time in fast food and behind the wheel lately.

Cars are a separate story

There are many carts in the city, we don't complain about the lack of new horse-drawn carriages. For C.J., it's not even a hobby anymore, but an addiction. Turns out the best way to get a new cart is to take the car owner in front of his owner in front of his own eyes. There are no forts on Carl, he stops the car, then without further ado, he dumps the driver and sits himself behind the wheel. It's interesting free GTA San Andreas when a robbed person tries to protest. In such a situation, a distinguished bomb in the mouth is usually sufficient. Even a simple theft requires a little culture, and that's why I respect CJ.

But back to the cars. They are the ones who give the atmosphere of this sunken hole. Driving around town is literally a nice ride. Local radio stations have great merit there. Obviously, they also use shit, but when Dre or Cube are launched, there is no chrome in the village. We lost countless hours on unnecessary journeys, just in front of. And there is where to go, so let's go. I have often sat here, and every little trip out of town or to another neighborhood, there will always be a place that i will see first.

So we have a city of casinos and neon lights, we have a rustic hollywood, deserts, agrarian areas, there is even a place to swim. Moreover, we even fly here without drugs, because the plane, helicopter or parachute also give a good start. Big space, a lot of people, endless possibilities. I haven't taken it for a long time, but CJ does what he can. It will go there, it will go here, it will help someone, it'll blow someone's head off again. The boy GTA San Andreas Download has a flair for business, then he has the kasiory like ice cream. Another thing is that the penny does not stick.

He is going to buy a property, GTA San Andreas free he will pimp the car, jump at Armani for the gallons, or lose money at horse races, at the casino or slot machines. It was easy, so why is it easy not to come ? CJ, despite his tracksuit and bandana, is also a businessman. Supermarket, trucks, toy store, Carl has recently considered investing in a hotel. Because how much can you waste on others ? There is a job, but nothing like your own business. money makes money, it's life itself.

Life is brutal and full traps GTA San Andreas free

We don't wanna go to town without metal. We have more toys than the local army. Moreover, dust will not cover them, because we use them more often than cutlery. Street fights are a daily reality, and the exchange of fire with the police or a hostile gang differs only in the color of the target. Okay, after a little fight, the cops sniff and track the participants in the massacre. But you can also remove it, GTA San Andreas Download pc because it happens that dogs do not meddle in the affairs of the underground. well, who, sane, will stop two hunting wagons with a dozen niggers shooting at each other with an uzi ? These types of actions are daily bread, so nobody really cares.

In general, everyone in town is a little nervous. What's the problem, it's the fist or pistol version. Sometimes you have to take your feet by the belt, it is therefore necessary to master the topography of the city. Physical fitness is also useful for jumping over fences or scaling walls and roofs of buildings. Practice GTA San Andreas full version makes perfect, so we don't avoid running, to shoot and pick up chicks, because CJ also likes to go crazy in this regard. As it repeats : wagon, room, black skin, a trendy hairstyle, effective muscles and fittings – a necessary meeting kit.

Gangsta, it attracts you

You do what you want, have fun and live. After all, life is a game not a box of chocolates, as a white man wrongly said. Since I know CJ, everything took a new momentum. So I gamble my life and I'm addicted to it. By the way, I recommend new drugs. First class goods, directly from the coast. They were brought up by some people at Rockstar, the powder itself is called GTA San Andreas Download and they add SA that it's like a showcase of San Andreas.

I don't want to talk to you anymore. I sniff some more of that shit and I go to town. 'Cause when you take a puff, you play life to the fullest, and CJ is such a cool guy that… You know yourself there, because that's what everyone was waiting for. Peace! Download the new version of GTA 5 free

Supplement to the review :

For more details on the program, please refer to full San Andreas topic of our game guide. The description of the mission and the principles governing the world of the program, who is there, is the perfect complement to the text above. But is there really anything free GTA San Andreas thing to complete ? GTA's latest installment is all the previous parts brought together and squared. There is no need to wonder, you have to play it, because you don't often find a title of this caliber.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game GTA SA


graphics, presentation, dialogues, intrigue, humour, gameplay, broad topic, diversity, well-designed places, huge spaces, countless gameplay possibilities, non-linearity (don't yell, you don't feel the linearity in the game), huge spaces to explore, great opportunities for character development and modifications, a good atmosphere, a great driving model and a large number of vehicles to tame, the duration of the game … literally everything we encounter in the game, you must include a plus . The game is freezing, the gaming world has been waiting for such a miracle for years.


to be honest, I don't understand the sites that give this game a noticeably low rating. Does reporting insignificant and fanciful errors in the game really prove the quality of the review and the reviewer ? No one in their right mind will complain about GTA San Andreas Download, because this title is simply brilliant. Why am I writing about this less? Because the premiere of the program coincided perfectly with the university session


The fact that the game engine uses is not the latest. Compared to Dooms and this type of Half-Life, this title is pretty bad. No more eye-catching technologies used by the program, indestructible buildings, the graphics definitely not photorealistic and not always faithful to physics. But in this game, it's not that important. The program can be run on equipment that was supported by Vice City two years ago (!). Graphics, thanks to good textures, well-thought-out locations and a very decent set of lights, usually does the job perfectly. He looks very decent, does not disturb and has its own atmosphere. This is one of those games where the artwork isn't the most important thing..

Conversion PS2-PC

Indeed, not only PC users had to wait for San Andreas almost a year, but this version does not differ significantly from its console counterpart. An example is how to save game states GTA San Andreas Download game and the unrealistic situation associated with immortal missions. for example, you go with your friends to an action where each of them dies. It happens. However, it is absurd to be able to return home for the same friends, but already new and alive. On the other hand, such a procedure does not negatively affect playability, we can even say that it has a positive effect. Because a certain linearity in the universe of the game is nobly commanded by its “chaos”, resulting from the great freedom left to the players.

Why not 100% ?

From a review perspective, the program technically differs from current standards. For the players themselves, it shouldn't matter. Personally, I have not heard from the mouth of an ordinary player (not a critic) that he is deranged in GTA, for example, Havok's lack of technology or complaints that he'd rather see the game on a different engine (Unreal 3 ? ). Let's not go crazy. In terms of gameplay – the highest score. 'Cause we got what everyone was waiting for, and the end result turned out to be better than the ads.

GTA San Andreas Download on pc

Download PC

Not. Nothing is perfect. The power of the latest version of GTA lies in the fact that some of its elements have been done to perfection, and others rubbed to perfection. This is why GTA San Andreas Download on PC today.

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