Hyper Scape Download Game 2020 + Multiplayer PC Game

Hyper Scape Download Game 2020 + Multiplayer PC Game

Hyper Scape Download is an FPS game focused on online PvP battles played by the rules of battle royale. The project is based on a free-to-play model and offers a cross-play option, which allows owners of different hardware platforms to have fun together.

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Hyper Scape is an online battle royale shooter with a first person view. The production uses a free model with micropayments and was developed by the studio Ubisoft Montreal. The game takes place in 2054. The title Hyper Scape Download is a virtual reality world transformed by the Internet. It is used for communication, work and entertainment. The latter category includes skirmishes in the city known as Neo Arcadia.

Hyper Scape Download is a first person shooter game focused exclusively on PvP multiplayer battles. The competition between players takes place in urban places intended to increase the verticality of the action. Participants of the game run on roofs and balconies, and the mechanics of movement allow them to do long jumps and use teleporters.

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When we start to play, we are thrown on the map in a capsule with a jet engine. We can direct it during the flight, which allows you to choose the landing site. When we leave this machine, we only have melee weapons. It is only in Hyper Scape Download, exploring the world, that we can get other types of weapons. In this way, we also find items that provide special powers, thanks to which we can, for example, teleport short distances, care for companions, create energy barriers or reveal the position of nearby enemies.

At every match, the land available for players gradually decreases over time. Characters outside take damage and die if they do not quickly return to the increasingly reduced safe zone. The game Hyper Scape Download offers deep integration with Twitch. Game trackers can influence the flow of the game by summoning items such as first aid kits, spheres of reduced gravity or objects that speed up the character's movement. Watching match broadcasts also accelerates the development of our hero..


Online skirmishes are played in two variations. In the first, a hundred players land on the map and they clash until only one of them remains alive. In the second, the participants in the game are divided into 33 teams of three, and at the end of the match, a special crown appears in the game world. To win, this facility must be seized and held for a certain time.

Hyper Scape Download has an attractive three-dimensional graphic design. Neo Arcadia has an interesting visual style, combining futuristic elements with an architecture reminiscent of the old quarters of Paris. The game offers a cross play option, allowing owners of various hardware platforms to have fun together. Less than a week ago, the Hyper Scape open beta, based on Ubisoft's free-to-play network shooter Battle Royale, was launched.

Hyper Scape Télécharger Multijoueur

Sadly, this short period of time was enough for the production to be swarmed with cheaters and hackers making the lives of honest gamers difficult. As Reddit users report, cheaters don’t even try to hide the fact that they use aimbots and wallhacks during the game. Ubisoft regularly tries to ban cheaters, using the BattlEye system, but fans of the production think it's not enough.

Players require an introduction to Free Hyper Scape, among other options for reporting cheaters, as well as the addition of kill-cam (that is, reruns shot to death, played from the point of view of the person who fired the shot).

Free Hyper Scape is an online battle royale shooter that focuses on competing up to 100 people on a map. The 12 July, Ubisoft has shared the first production cinematic trailer and opened a beta for PC gamers (you can find it on the Uplay platform), and today the release date has been officially announced, including console users.

Hyper Scape Download

The first season of Hyper Scape will begin on 11 August on PC, PS4 et Xbox One (with cross-play option). With Project CARS 3 Download its launch, players will receive a new weapon, a hack (a type of special skill) and game modes, as well as a Battle Pass of 100 levels. We remind you that you will play the title for free, although it contains microtransactions.


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