LEGO Marvel Avengers Free Download Full Version PC

LEGO Marvel Avengers Free Download Full Version PC

LEGO Marvel Avengers Download

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LEGO Marvel Avengers Download is the next episode in the drop down list already near 10 years, a series of video games, the popular Danish brick brand brand LEGO. This time, the creators of the last part of the cycle, Tales of the Travelers studio, once again joined forces with Marvel, players in the world of moving comic book superheroes. The story of the game is based directly on the events depicted in The Avengers movie with 2012, and its sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was released in theaters in 2015.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Download fun as we get the chance to play the entire cast of characters from the Marvel comic books and movies, including in this Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Loki et Hawkeye. Of course, not all forms are available from the start of the game, and we discover them gradually as you progress in the game. In terms of game version LEGO Marvel Avengers Download PC does not differ significantly published in 2013 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, being a colorful action and adventure done from a third person perspective.

Fun traditionally comes down to explore the next level, by solving puzzles, collect various “collectible” and fight against opponents of the enemy. The creators have not forgotten typical for a serial dose of crazy humor, as well as options that allow joint play co-op LEGO Marvel Avengers Download.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Download will delight blockbuster movie fanatics and franchise enthusiasts willing to overlook a few misplaced solutions. Sitting at the latest game built by TT Games from Danish bricks, I had in mind the great Lego Marvel Super Heroes of 2013. Sadly, despite using the same comic book universe, Lego Marvel's Avengers Didn't Win My Heart, because although the last opus in the series does not abandon the proven formula, you can see solutions not fully thought out.

The plot begins first and it's easy to guess it's alluding to the Marvel movies with the Avengers team in the foreground.. Problem is, the individual scenes are a scene adaptation of not just two movie parts of The Avengers., but also four other films: Captain America: The First Battle, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man III, Thor: The Dark World. Bringing six popular movies together in one game looks great on paper (or on the back cover), but in practice, the player must make a chaotic jump from a story of LEGO Marvel Avengers Download to another.

The writers did not keep the chronology of events and did not care about the order in which the films were released (the action begins with Avengers: the era of Ultron, then takes us back to the events of the first Avengers, etc.), So even knowing all the source materials, you can get lost. Not to mention the situation where the player approaches the cool Avengers blockbuster and relies on a gripping story.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes told a completely new story, so that the creators had more freedom, what was clearly missing from the writers of LEGO Marvel Avengers gratuit. Here, the authors had to use scenes from films, spicing them up with the humor characteristic of Lego games, which in many places turned out to be really awesome. However, the whole story lacked coherence and consistency. Maybe the people who know all the Marvel movies by heart (or which are freshly screened) will see this aspect more favorably. I was not convinced by these more or less randomly blocked scenes.

L’intrigue, immersing us in a cinematographic setting, is fun for about eight hours and a small portion of the attractions that await persistent gamers. As in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, the creators of the last opus have prepared several sandboxes (including Manhattan and Asgard), where you can spend long hours unlocking new characters, collect bricks, play mini-games and complete challenges. Character collectors will be happy to learn that over two hundred heroes and / or variants were thrown in LEGO Marvel Avengers gratuit, whose possession is of course not necessary to complete story missions, but their unique abilities allow you to reach places previously inaccessible. Marvel’s Avengers Download

In terms of gameplay, the Avengers are pretty conservative and we're still dealing with a simple co-op arcade game. The stages are filled with enemies to unlock and puzzles to solve, which usually requires the player to use a specific hero skill at a designated location. There are team actions, including the new free-to-play LEGO Marvel Avengers team combo system (played on a QTE basis), that make the duels even more dynamic and spectacular. A big plus of the new version.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Download

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LEGO Marvel Avengers Game Download PC


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