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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Télécharger is an isometric RPG and an indirect sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The game takes place in the northern region of Golarion, where is the so-called global plague. Huge contaminated territory with doors to the Abyss.

During the game, players will have access to a large number of new classes and subclasses that were not available in the predecessor Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. And also to many changes and improvements to the structure of the gameplay.

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From the very exit, there will be a turn-based combat mode (not just RTWP). Players will also have the option to start the game with new races that were previously unplayable.. So, in the fight, they will be assisted by their new comrades, as well as old well-known characters.

Back to the roots of the RPG in 2021

Game Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Download owl transports players to the wastelands of the World Blight. It's here, in ancient times, that the gates of the Abyss opened, hence hordes of evil spirits. Under the command of Lord Descari, they rushed north of Golarion, threatening to exterminate the entire human race. Forgetting the previous murderous wars and fratricidal duels, humanity tries to stop the attack of the invaders. Despite all the efforts, humans have been unable to stop the demon hordes.



This is where the adventure of a player who goes back to the roots at all costs begins Isometric RPG. So, in the game, he will have to lead the Fifth Crusade and end forever the invasion of the demonic hordes of the Abyss. By the way, solve rich subplots, know the mysterious north of the continent Golarion. Also by fighting thousands of all kinds of demonic creatures as well as deadly creatures.

The latest version of the game focuses on Strategic approach to gameplay, keeping the spirit of old-school RPG classics.

A rich and unique world awaits you

The world of Golarion has existed peacefully for a long time, he flourished and developed, but something happened. A certain researcher named Arilu Vorlsh began to study forbidden magic and eventually opened a portal., a rift between the world of demons and mortals.

Golarion dies and the role of the player is to save him. For that, you will have to undertake a dangerous journey, fight many demons and understand the knowledge many fear.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous gratuit

Create a unique hero

The game support on our website allows you to Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous torrent from us in Polish. Allow each player to choose their own path. You will not find classic and standard species classes and game specializations here. God of War.

You can become a real angel or the embodiment of a demon, raise a mighty lich or become a law enforcement agent who directs the order in the world of Golarion. Each hero has a unique story and skills up their sleeve. Starting with the appearance, attributes and qualities, and ending with the strengths and weaknesses.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous torrent

Pathfinder – Unique combat system

The combat system combines both combat elements in the real time, That turn-based combat. In which you will have to make the most of your skills, find tactics and how you will behave on the battlefield. At the same time, player can independently switch between control options during battle. And your companions can, on their own or with your help, wreak havoc in the enemy ranks.

During the class, you will face a lot of different bosses. So, you will go through dangerous and sometimes terrible missions, earn legendary loot and do more than you can imagine.

The crusade is coming

Become a general and discover the full extent of the war for Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous gratuit the wrath of the righteous with the unique Crusade system, a new strategy game mechanic specially designed for this adventure.

Throughout the story, you will have the opportunity to lead the Fifth Crusade, aiming to deliver a crushing blow to the demonicspawn army. The success of the task depends only on the decisions made by the player during the many hours of play..

When is the first ?

Coming in September, the game 2021 will allow players to lead not only a team of close comrades. But also many squads of crusaders, slowly regaining the resources and territories of Golarion from the hands of the demonic foe.

The game's premiere is scheduled for the 2 September 2021 on the STEAM platform. It will be released exclusively on PCs running Windows 10/8/7.

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous téléchargerDownload PC Games

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