Red Dead Redemption II Télécharger PC – RDR2 Free PC Version

Red Dead Redemption II Télécharger PC – RDR2 Free PC Version

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Red Dead Redemption II Télécharger PC

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The third part of the Red Dead series, and at the same time the prequel to the bestseller Red Dead Redemption. Dans Red Dead Redemption II, players are sent to the Wild West in 1899 to deal with Arthur Morgan’s problems with the Dutch van der Linde gang. Red Dead Redemption II Télécharger PC is the third installment of the Red Dead western series, including the first part, titled Red Dead Revolver, started in 2004; The real famous series, however, was released only after the premiere of Red Dead Redemption, an action game with an open world, which by many has been dubbed one of the best PC productions. Described prequel title here that was released by Rockstar Games (known mainly thanks to elements such as the series Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt et Midnight Club, Controversial Bully and Max Payne 3), among others, press platform pc.

L’action Red Dead Redemption II Télécharger PC took place in 1899, therefore in the days preceding the tests presented in the previous game of the series. The Dutch van der Linde gang, known for his Red Dead Revolver, do his best, and with it the right hand of its leader, or Arthur Morgan – the main character of the story. When a Blackwater flight ends in a fiasco, criminals are forced to flee law enforcement and bounty hunters and, Therefore, to fight for their survival in a hostile environment. In a struggle, the protagonist often has to choose between loyalty to his friends and his own ideals; Moreover, Morgan's decisions and reputation in a given region influence the course of history. Relationships with other gang members we share camp with are not unimportant – our choices determine their attitude towards the hero.

In the Red Dead Redemption II Télécharger PC published on the back of the protagonist (TPP). The production provides us with a vast and open world; it consists of rocky mountainous areas, valleys covered by a network of rivers, picturesque meadows, densely forested areas, as well as cities whose inhabitants make a living, subject to individual schedules. Our base is the camp mentioned above – during the game, we have to take care of the supplies while ensuring the morale of the team. It should be noted that Morgan's duty is not the only one: his colleagues also went to find out if anything (according to their role, for example, wood, food or money) is missing.

The creators made an effort to make the world presented seem alive, so that neutral numbers react dynamically to our actions, and in the desert can meet wild animals (rodents, the birds, ending with people like bear predators). We RDR2 Download walk around the vast map and behind one of the mountains representing different species; These vary in terms of behaviors and the ways they cope in difficult terrain or even when crossing rivers.. What is important, Morgan can bond with his horse – if he can get her trust, the animal cannot, for example, panicking during a shootout or meeting an aggressive representative of local wildlife.

Arthur has his hands full on his travels – in addition to plot and side quests, random events await him here; It should be noted that access to many of them depends on various factors, including the protagonist's reputation and the time of day. An important role is also played by bank robberies against which we need to develop a detailed strategy. In addition, nothing prevents you from hunting in your spare time and buying one of the pirates or artisans of your loot; However, it is worth hurrying, because the corpses of hunted animals start to rot after a while, which makes them unusable.

As you can imagine, Morgan is not vulnerable. Its offer mainly includes revolvers and shotguns; the hero also uses the bow, what is useful, among others, during the hunt – arrows damage prey to a much lower extent than missiles. The game returns Dead Eye mode, after which the activation time slows down and we can mark several RDR2 Download goals designed for instant elimination. There are also a lot of duels at noon, during which you must show reflexes and precision.

Rockstar promised last week that it would present details of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 and, as you can see, he kept his word. The developers revealed the improvements to be made to the PC version, new features added to the game and official hardware specifications. These latter, fortunately, are not high, as you would expect.

As we already know from the last announcement, Free RDR2 will debut on PC on 5 next november. From now on, the title can be ordered through the Rockstar Games Launcher, associated with several bonuses described by us here. Today, production developers revealed how they improved the PC version over the console editions. Rockstar further confirmed that RDR2 will support HDR mode on the PC., multi-monitor configurations, ultrapanoramic monitors and would also work at a high frame rate.

The PC edition will also feature new content, including three fleeing missions (Herman Zizendorf, Camille de Millemont and Bart Cavanaugh), two gang hideouts (Gaptooth Breach et Solomon’s Folly), two new treasure maps (Historical Monuments and Rich Trail). ), the new mission To the ends of the earth, as well as a set of new weapons, new horses and other additions. Finally, let's move on to the hardware requirements, which fortunately are not too high. However, just like in Call of Duty: Modern war, that we have already described today, you will need a lot of disk space to install the game. In the case of Rockstar, it will be until 150 Go, which can however be justified by a huge and open world.

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