Resident Evil Village Free Download PC Game 2021

Resident Evil Village Free Download PC Game 2021

Resident Evil Village Télécharger

Pc game Resident Evil Village Télécharger, with the hidden roman number VIII in the title, is another representative of the mainstream series Resident Evil. In fact, this is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, but Capcom insisted not to use the short RE8, but highlighting the importance of the mysterious village in the game.

The first facts about Resident Evil: Village appeared at the Sony PS5 event in June 2020. However, the topic was only heated in earnest by the January Capcom Resident Evil showcase; we saw, including a new trailer, a first look at the gameplay, we got the release date and some info on multiplayer.

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Resident Evil Village Game Download

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Resident Evil Village Game Review Download PC

It's hard to believe that only five years ago, Capcom was in a completely different place than today. The company was associated with fans whose ranks were shrinking at a rapid rate, mainly to find new ways to disappoint, and his financial situation became more and more uninteresting from year to year.

And while Monster Hunter: World 2018 was the title Resident Evil Village Download that brought the Japanese back in all their glory and glory, the first swallow announcing a fresh start had arrived twelve months earlier. It took the form of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard – a new symbolic hand for the iconic survival horror series and its creators.

An even more frightening adventure

“Seven” played bankruptcy and broke with the attitude of effective action, forced for years in the cycle, turning more than ever into a real horror. She also changed the perspective, distributed new cards in the scenario and made significant changes to the mechanics. She was exceptionally innovative, even for a series known to reinvent itself regularly. This game paid off and the effect was great, especially in the context of the deception titled Resident Evil 6.

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Now, those few years later, Resident Evil Village gratuit debuts from a completely different position. Resident Evil dominates the survival horror market, not only thanks to the revolutionary REVIA, but also very successful remakes of the second and third installments of the series. Capcom, on the other hand, maintains excellent streak and serves shot after shot. In this situation, the Japanese didn't need a great revolution and desperate licks.

So they looked at the past calmly and the revelations from the last part decided to combine ideas from one of the best older episodes of the whole series., Resident Evil 4. By adding a dash of completely new ideas, they created a great survival horror that will satisfy all fans – both the series and the genre.

Better in-game graphics

In Resident Evil Village Download, we play the part of Ethan Winters again, the main character of Biohazard. Three years have passed since the Baker farm incident. Ethan with his wife Mia and daughter Rose lead a quiet life hidden away somewhere in Europe by forces who might want to harm them. They try to forget the nightmare of the past, more – as it is easy to guess (and how the trailers announcing the game reveal it in too much detail) – romance is not for them.

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A series of dramatic events disrupt the peace of the Winters family, forcing Ethan to engage in another desperate struggle to survive – this time not only for himself, but also for his daughters.

As in the case of Resident Evil VII, the beginning is in my opinion the strongest point of the game. The peace is violently and dramatically disturbed, and a confused Ethan finds himself in the middle of the snowy village title. Capcom's writers carefully play their cards, and neither the main character nor we know what exactly is going on, and the creators manage to create an atmosphere of hate in a perfect way.

Lots of news in the game

Here, we hear something about a mysterious religion, there we are attacked by beasts that seem unstoppable. The desperate struggle to survive seems doomed to fail and even the acquisition of guns does little to improve our situation.. The atmosphere can be cut with a knife.

The impression is fantastic. It's a shame that it only lasts a while. Finally, the resident inexorably becomes a resident. Unstoppable enemies also become “mortals” as possible, and the atmosphere of desperation gives way to the typical mixture of combat, exploration and occasional scarecrows of a smaller caliber.

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Just because the rest of the game doesn't do as well as the start doesn't mean everything is poor. By Mother Miranda, Nothing of the sort! The eleven hours it took me to finish Télécharger Resident Evil Village (according to the game counter which does not seem to take into account the cutscenes – I think the actual time spent with the campaign was longer) were engaging and interesting from start to finish. The main credit for the well thought out and most diverse play structure that I have encountered in the games of this series so far.

After a very linear start, the title village is open to us and we have the opportunity to explore it in order to stock up and obtain treasures. Many roads and valuables, at the first opportunity, remain out of our reach – the creators took the metroidvania genre a bit and built this place in such a way that it gradually shares its secrets with us, throughout the game, giving us opportunities for regular returns in already proven aisles and courses.

New enemies

In addition to the traditional need to take care of first aid kits and ammunition, an incentive to explore is also a merchant, similar to Resident Evil 4. He will be happy to buy the collected valuables from us, in exchange, among other resources, new types of weapons and the ability to upgrade those already owned.

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It also offers culinary services making its debut in the series – if we bring meat from previously hunted rural animals free pc game (chickens, fish or pigs), this will turn them into dishes with various bonuses. I reassure the sensitive – this is a completely optional activity and the game can be completed without chasing a single pig with a knife.

This serialless approach works very well. At each subsequent visit to the village, new environmental secrets or puzzles are revealed, and new types of enemies appear regularly, so we never feel too safe. Save for future upgrades and the gradual cleaning of the map just turns out to be satisfying. Especially since it doesn't drag on like in modern open world games and ends long before it turns into a chore. I wouldn't mind if such hubs appear permanently in the Resident Evil series..

Great enemy designs

So we have the famous Lady Dimitrescu two meters high, half of the internet has gone mad, and who accompanies his three vampire daughters, in perfect balance between feminine charm and abomination. There is also Donna Beneviento who makes excellent use of the fact that porcelain dolls are absolutely terrifying for a large percentage of people.. Salvatore Moreau, like a fish, mucus covered and deformed, is perhaps the most "resident" of all the "lords". Karl Heisenberg closes the list, proving theatricality and love of torture are a deadly combination.

Resident Evil Village gratuit

Each of these key characters has enough time to introduce themselves and make a good impression., each is also very unique, which is also reflected in the way the associated stages are played. Depending on who we are dealing with, games download on pc can offer tag game like with M. X in the remake of Resident Evila 2, stealth sequences, focus on pure action, almost like in the purest FPS games or, for a few moments, draw heavily on horrors resembling Project P.T.

Game advantages:

– a great start to the game, creating an excellent hunting atmosphere;

– the metroïdvanic structure of the eponymous village in which you are happy to return;

– very thoughtful and varied gameplay, effectively balancing the action, horror and exploration;

– great enemy projects, with vampires and werewolves in the foreground;

– triumphant return after years of Mercenary fashion;

– maybe not revolutionary, but very good visuals.


Disadvantages game:

– fictitious volts might be a little less predictable;

– after all, it's a shame that after the phenomenal start of the game, it is not possible to create such an atmosphere afterwards.

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Minimum PC hardware requirements

Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4 Go de VRAM / AMD Radeon RX 560 with 4 Go de VRAM
Memory: 8 RAM Go
DirectX: version 12
Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bits)
Disk space: still unknown
Additional Information: configuration up to 60 animation images at 1080p resolution (with low detail settings), but the number of fps may drop in intense scenes

Recommended PC hardware configuration

Processor: Intel Core i7-8700 / AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX 5700
Memory: 16 RAM Go
DirectX: version 12
Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bits)
Disk space: still unknown
Additional Info: configuration up to 60 1080p resolution animation images, but the number of fps may drop in intense scenes

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