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Space Mechanic Simulator Télécharger is a Polish proposal for science fiction enthusiasts who also like all kinds of simulations.

Space Mechanic Simulator Télécharger PC

Space Mechanic Simulator Télécharger
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Basic information

Space Mechanic Simulator gratuit is a game produced by Fast speed games / Jelonek studio. Its publisher is Way to play. To the base, the game only has a single player mode, but if you like competition, do not reject this post just because of the lack of multiplayer.

To soften the lack of multiplayer a bit, the developers have decided to equip Space Mechanic Simulator pc game space engineer in Time Attack modewhere all activities are done on time. This means that you can not only improve your own records, but also compare your performance with that of other players. If you like this form of play, download the game for free and check how fast you can fix the space machine.

Where is it available ?

Space Mechanic Simulator is currently available on the Steam platform. Mostly, you can play this position both in polish and english. This is very important information for non-English speaking players who argued that the Polish gaming market lacks this type of simulation..

What is Space Mechanic Simulator?

This game is related to the first item created by PlayWay : Auto mechanic simulator, except that the action takes place in space. Play in Space mechanic simulator, you are responsible for repairing the machine.

To do this, you have to go through a full diagnostic process. Consider why the machine might not work, then open the potentially damaged part. If your diagnosis is confirmed, you can proceed to repair the device. It also happens, however, that the first Space Mechanic Simulator torrent concept is not the correct one and you must then continue your search.

Some facilitation is the ability to highlight various elements and interact with them, added by the game developers.





Where the game takes place ?

The whole campaign takes place on Mars and the Moon, as well as in the orbits of the aforementioned celestial bodies, as well as in Earth's orbit. Remember that when repairing in orbit, your character is a weightless astronaut, which makes the game even more difficult.

If there is a machine failure on a planet (or a satellite), Your task is to control the rover (that you can build yourself !), with which Space Mechanic Simulator Download you will make the necessary repairs. The number of possibilities offered by the game will ensure that you will not be bored for a long time.

Space Mechanic Simulator Gratuit

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