Stranded Deep Free Game Full Version 2021

Stranded Deep Free Game Full Version 2021

Stranded Deep Gratuit

Stranded Deep Gratuit therefore a project with a survival character. The inscription plays the role of a castaway who wants to live on one of the Pacific Islands and is marked by a period of lush Impressionism. Too much fluctuation is retorted by Australian independent collection Beam Team Games; the same early idea from the latest developer exists.

In Stranded Deep, we watch the plot from the panorama of an unprecedented grandmother (the so-called FPP appearance). A powerful footballer elaboration exists, who is claimed, among others, by not so bad collect savings, what is presented to us by an even continent, like periodic journeys in a lush underwater globe, where we can find a host of practical patterns. A careful digging of the page into the famous border is limited by the fact that the map is an unplanned generated map – whatever the approach, the archipelago and the surrounding field are destroyed.

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Stranded Deep Free PC game review

Craftsmanship is also an important factor. Moreover, the satisfactory scheme for the execution of threads is mechanical – contact lived here to be light unless required, what to expect from a diplomat to think individually about merging certain coefficients from Stranded Deep Free into useful tools. In addition to the basic equipment, such a ground support model or not very recommendable, we also offer to train highly qualified structures, for example a raft or a hut.

The player is here attracted by a thicket of probabilities, which also close the unfavorable harmony (hurricanes, as well as friendly heat on the morning or evening frost), while being of a supposedly illegal nature – for example sharks. The native hero must induce and signal, ergo the last thing is to be absolutely careful on the furniture (we can buy consumption not only through collection, but also in the meantime, but also by private cultures).

It should be mentioned here that food wears out seasonally and we can only eliminate ceremonial liquids. (a model of Stranded Deep Download great mind causes greed).

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Beginnings are always difficult

Beginnings are always difficult, especially in Stranded Deep. After the plane crash, we are the only survivors and we end up on one of the many islands in the middle of nowhere. The tutorial only shows us the most basic mechanics, like the cogwheel drawing, the making, construction, the acquisition of resources, etc.

My first backup lasted exactly 2 days. It ended when a very aggressive shark launched a lifeboat in the middle of the night. Non, the shark did not eat me. Just when I saw that the pontoon had landed upside down, I was so scared that I only saw one way out of this situation – only the free pc console games.

Aggressive sharks

You might wonder why I was sailing in the middle of the night in a dinghy on the high seas? The free Stranded Deep answer is very simple and the related story is almost tragic. Due to the lack of raw materials, so necessary to survive the first few days, I decided to go to another island. Not only did I not find any useful material, but I also received a souvenir after meeting the snake in the form of venom poisoning.

Stranded Deep jeux pc

Second trial

Once I calmed down after a close encounter with the shark, I created a new save and started my adventure again. After a day, I decided that with the current knowledge of this game, I had to somehow make the game easier. In the settings, I changed the shark default to passive behavior, which gave me peace of mind day and night.

In addition to changing the behavior of sharks, we can choose between the attitude of the snakes, the difficulty of the game, the island rendering method (random or existing / “existing”), the way to save the game and that of our character lethality (revert to last save or permanent death).


The chances of survival for a layman like me are practically nil. We must ensure access to water, to food, to health and sun protection. I would never have survived so many days (the counter stopped at 8) without YT tutorials or articles on different sites. Broken bones, shark bites, venom or food poisoning and sunstroke are just the beginning of Stranded Deep Download problems.

Of course, all of this can be remedied through various items that we can encounter in shipwrecks or craft ourselves. However, to make more sophisticated objects, first you have to make the necessary tools, such as a construction hammer, a pickaxe, a leather tool and a loom. In other words, you have to go all over the place again and again to start to thrive in one way or another and be self-sufficient.

A smartwatch we're not ready for

Instead of creating a simple interface, the creators focused on total realism, thanks to which nothing covers the screen for most of the time of the game. All the most important information about our vital functions can be found on the watch, that we remove in one click. We can freely choose between our needs (hunger, thirst, health, etc.), Our skills, our current effects (negative and positive, for example poisoning or sun protection) and the overall statistics of our adventure.

Stranded Deep gratuit pc

In the event that one of our needs is not met, our watch will start making loud noises. Often, when we hear this sound, it can mean that our chances of survival are very low. All because it may be too late, for example to find the right plant to create an antidote.

Oh lord, who is there for you …

Build like a building. Often, in games like this, it's just very buggy and glitchy. In the case of Stranded Deep, it may not be so much about bugs, it's just the wrong system.

Most of the islands have a very irregular structure, which causes problems to create something bigger. Most of the time, there are rocks, bushes or just a bigger bulge in the same place that cannot be removed.

Another problem is how to build. Sadly, we are not dealing here with the known solution of The Forest, that is, planning first, then the delivery of raw materials. To build anything, we must have all the necessary items in our inventory. The F1 2021 free worst situations arise when we mistakenly build something that shouldn't be there. I don't know if there is a way to dismantle individual elements of the building, but at my stage of familiarization with the game, I have not seen such an option.

the fauna and the flora

On this point, Stranded Deep pc game doesn't really have much to show. All animals can be counted on the fingers of both hands, the same with vegetation. A shark, a snake, a sea urchin, a crab, a boar, a lionfish, a few smaller and smaller fish is all the creators have to offer us. Regarding plants, we have this combination: palm, yukka, pin, various herbs such as aloe or ajuga and fruit trees.

Stranded Deep looks like an early stage game in every way. Many console gamers complained that the app was constantly being launched due to a bug., but this was fixed about a week after launch. There isn't a lot of content in the game so far, there is no indication that Stranded Deep has any scenario whatsoever. In the game, you can discover and create everything after a few days of playing.

With less luck, it may take a dozen days or a few tries, Stranded Deep Download but it doesn't really have much to offer. Maybe if there was a cooperative mode, it would make me play more and stay in the game for hours. However, I will keep a close eye on the changes and check the game from time to time.

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