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Free ARK Survival Evolved Download Game

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ARK Survival Evolved Telecharger is a network action-adventure game in which the main attraction is the ability to sit a dinosaur. The Studio Wildcard team, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios and Virtual Basement were responsible for its production. The title appeared on personal computers (first in the Early Access version) and on PlayStation consoles 4 et Xbox One. We start – attention, note – standard. After creating a character (about, the creator is quite extensive) we wake up in the same pants on the beach, not knowing where and for what we are. In the mouth is full of sand, the sun hurts the eyes, and in addition it blows and becomes cold. So what to do? As usual, as in games of this type, you have to cut the tree. Of course, with bare hands, chaotic pick up whatever is just on the ground. When we reach the palm tree, or another pine, we start hitting her with his fists. Blood is flowing profusely, our hero moans and the health bar starts to shrink. It's a plus, because in many similar productions, player-driven daredevil is a walking sawmill, on whose limbs even a huge oak tree will not impress. Coming back to the subject, after a few minutes of beating the tree, we see information telling us that we have collected wood, and it's a bit of bark. A few seconds later, the tree, whatever its size, fall in front of us. I don't wanna linger here, but can't you have some creativity? Would it be a problem if the first player gathered on the floor? Throughout the map, all kinds of stones are lost, Could not a branch template be added? Try to approach a tree and start hitting it with your fists. Not only will people look strange, but you will hurt yourself and it will not make a big impression on the tree. I understand that games need to be simplified, so that you don't have to change your underwear, to swallow or settle down (although the latter takes place in ARK Survival Evolved Telecharger – often without our conscious participation). The problem is, ARK is a representative of the survival genre., a small human simulator. If i have to eat, drink and take care not to get cold or overheat, I would also like not to have steel hands.

ARK Survival Evolved Telecharger

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Release name : ARK Survival Evolved InstallShield.exe
Format: .exe
Platform: PC
Language: French

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1. Click on the button “Download Game”.
2. Download the game on PC.
3. Run the downloaded file.
4. Go through the installation game process.
5. After installing the game start.
6. To play.

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We collected the raw raw materials – several stones, wood and bark. Now, as standard, you need to convert them to a tool, for the start it will be, if not, a choice. A standard stone pickaxe. With the help of this pickaxe we will collect more wood and bark, and the flint had to be made, You guess it, a standard primitive ax. This, in turn, will be used to get even more wood and bark. As usual, as befits a representative of the species, everything is made of wood (which is not so strange), from huge amounts of wood (which is already boring). You've probably noticed something in the paragraphs above. I often use the word “standard”. Normally, I will not do it, because you should use synonyms, more – the chef would probably beat my head for something like this. Here, however, it is a conscious operation, car gratuit ARK Survival Evolved Telecharger is a standard pain when it comes to the element “Survival” in its title. Collect the raw materials, convert them into tools, collect more resources, build a hut. Despite what I wrote above, we cannot say that the ARK is a sterile game, not like the mass of similar productions. There are some interesting things that, if they are properly developed, will do ARK Survival Evolved Telecharger a good title. The craftsmanship was well done. While the simple creation of objects is quite classic – collect materials, then combine them together, while learning new "rules" is significantly different from what the competition offers. First of all, our hero at the start can only produce the pickaxe mentioned above. The following items are unlocked by leveling up the character – for each activity, and even just online, we get a certain number of experience points. When we collect enough, we see the words “UP LEVEL”, then we have the opportunity to increase the stats of the characters, and we get the so called “Points Engram”. These, in their turn, are devoted to learning new recipes, here called engrams.

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