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Highwater Download is a production on the border between adventure games and turn-based strategies. The title was developed by the Demagog Studio team, whose portfolio includes projects such as Golf Club: Wasteland et The Cub, and was published by Rogue Games. Highwater free download.
Highwater Download

Highwater Download PC

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The Highwater Plot

Free Highwater unveils a dark vision of the future, in which the entire Earth was changed beyond recognition as a result of the Great Weather Catastrophe. Between the desolate Warzone and the fortified Alphaville, where the rich hide behind massive walls, lies the waterlogged region of Hightower complete version. The protagonist of the game, Nikos, travel through this dangerous world on your way to Alphaville, where he hopes to be saved (it is said that the inhabitants of this place intend to escape to Mars). Along the way, the protagonist must fight for food and eliminate enemies, but he also meets many friends who decide to join him.

Game on the high seas

Le gameplay de Highwater torrent repose, therefore, to say, on two pillars. The first is exploring the game world, in which the action is seen in the third person (TPP). Nikos and his entourage cross Highwater Download and other regions aboard a small boat, moving from island to island.

On the ground, during this time, we will not only meet other survivors and get valuable resources, but we will also have to fight against the enemies we will meet. The second pillar of gameplay, these are clashes, which take turns. Observing them in isometric view, we give orders to Nikos and his team. On the battlefield, we use various weapons and items that give us an advantage over our enemies.

Aspects techniques

The graphics of Free Highwater have a colorful cartoon style. The game comes with Highwater Pirate Radio : various programs make long journeys more pleasant and allow you to better feel the post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Highwater Download Free PC Game

Download PC GamesQualification: Highwater
Genre : Adventure
Languages :FR/ES/ANG/MULTI

How to Download Highwater Free:

  1. Press the download button
  2. Go through the download setup process
  3. Complete a task to get the password
  4. Download, install the game and play !

Minimum requirements for high water :

  • SW : Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Graphic: Nvidia Geforce 650M or equivalent
  • DirectX : Editing 9.0

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