The sims 4 Home Decor Download PC Game

The sims 4 Home Decor Download PC Game

The sims 4 Interior Decoration Download

The latest expansion The sims 4 Interior Decoration Download is now available for PC. On the, on the! My name is Patina Wainscot * and I am delighted that you can join me today in what I call “Beginner’s Dream Decor”. We will delve into the secrets of interior design for customers because, remember, customer's joy is the most important thing!

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The Sims Game 4 Interior Decoration Download

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The Sims game review 4 Home Decor Free PC

My advice: the best projects start with the Sims we create for. I never embark on a project without first meeting my clients – no success without him. I used to make this mistake very often. Once upon a time, I had planned all the space around a statue of a gnome standing in the middle of the client's living room – imagine it, that Sim was terrified and wanted the The sims 4 Interior Decoration Download sculpture disappears!

Do you know that everyone has their own preferences? In terms of decoration, the like and dislike markers are very important. So ask questions! Discover the color, your customers' favorite music genre and style. Find out what inspires them, if they have any favorite hobbies or artwork. Show them the color palettes and artwork in your portfolio. Also take pictures “before”. After all, the more we know about someone, the easier it is for us to imagine a place that will really make that person happy.

The sims 4 Free Home Decor

But be professional! (It is normal to take a shower before arriving. I know what I mean). Every interaction affects your reputation, and reputation is very important if you want to get larger orders in the future.

Everything about the renovation

Once you have entered the customer's point, gently ask him out of the door and focus on the space around you. Sometimes, clients want to renovate the children's room or build a house for their in-laws. Once, even a Sim requested a basement gym. You will surely face any task. All you have to do is stick to the budget and consider customer preferences, The sims 4 Free Interior Decoration the number of tiles available and what the customer is asking for.

(Anyway, sometimes customers ask a little … strange things. Anyway, do your best. I would love to tell you crazy stories, but I am bound by professional secrecy). First of all, prepare an empty space by selling items that you cannot use (in this way, you will repair your budget, besides!). From now on, the customer's dreams are in your hands.

The sims 4 Interior Decoration Download to pc

Personally, I love this step of the mission. Sims can be messy people. So why not experiment with modular shelves that offer innovative storage solutions?? Recently, an open plan is in fashion – separating the living room from the kitchen with sofas gives the room a feeling of space. And since we are talking about the kitchen, appliances such as built-in stoves and ovens also help save space.

When designing children's rooms, I usually use bunk beds. As children get older, it is easy to reconfigure this piece of furniture by adding a study desk underneath! My point is, don't be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, the most unexpected solutions The sims 4 Free Interior Decoration work best, and other times, the solutions tried turn out to be perfect.

All about presentations

Once you have finished, there is only one thing left to do: an excellent presentation! Once the space has been perfected, invite the customer to come back to show them the results. This is the moment that I live for. The customer's first reaction is extremely important to me. Let your Sims start to cry, to jump into my arms or dream immediately – this is where I know I did a good job. It is also a great pleasure to show "before" and "after" photos.

There are many factors that determine whether an order will be successful or not.. Are we on budget? Have we adapted the client's preferences? Have we achieved our goal? Were we having fun and showing respect to the customer? I hope the answer to all these questions is “YES!” Thanks to that, the customer and you will be satisfied. And your professional reputation will increase. Download All The Sims 4 Home Decor World likes to talk about what they like. So make them love their space!

Some additional tips

  • Speaking of reputation, the more advertising you get, the more bonuses you will receive. Start with something small, like a room renovation. By the time you reach my level, you will rethink the local bar! Customer testimonials make a big difference. However, I always advertise on my blog and on social media. Now, you can watch me on Decorators of Dreams channel!
  • All Sims Are Different From Each Other. I know, I know, I repeat myself, but i really mean it! In families of several people, sometimes it is difficult to find a balance between the wishes of the household. Two Sims may like different colors. And The sims 4 Interior decoration compromise turns out to be impossible to find, focus first on the preferences that unite them. Too, never assume you know what the customer will ask for! An adult client of mine once asked me for a children's tent – as it turned out later, for my nephew!

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