The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Free Download PC Game

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Free Download PC Game

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger

Jeu The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger


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Description Jeux The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger PC

It's not worth choosing words. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger is a masterpiece, and in many ways simply the best and most fascinating game of recent years. He captivates with an artistic vision, captive with a huge world, absorb with a story. Creators don't look for cheap applause. Their design is uncompromising and consistent. Thoughtful and refined. The action takes place shortly after the events of the second edition. Nilfgaard has conquered Temeria and is preparing to attack the rest of the northern lands. Geralt and Vesemir roam the recent battlefield, finding traces of the witch Yennefer. So the witches head to the nearby village of White Orchard to find out more.. This is a fairly extended form of the prologue. We come to a vast, at the start of an enclosed land, where we can move freely. We slowly get used to the world, we carry out the first tasks, we get to know the different aspects of the game and we fight first.

When the going, we find out that Ciri appeared to Velen nearby – the powerful daughter of Emperor Nilfgaard, and at the same time the legendary Child Surprise, strongly associated with the fate of Geralt. We have to find her, but the young woman is also followed by formidable horsemen called Wild Hunt. This is how we come to Velen in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger, and from here far north to the horizon. Out of sight, we have a huge world to explore. The first glance at the map is amazing. Big space, with an overview of the villages, settlements and towns – among which the remarkable Oxenfurt and the agglomeration of Novigrad. All this rightly arouses respect for the current adventure. The main story axis is therefore the search for Ciri and we have known from the start that her footsteps lead from Velen, through the aforementioned Novigrad, au glacial Skellig. These are three clues that we can explore in any order, but Geralt's lack of adequate preparation for the trip suggests starting operations in Velen.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gratuit

The creators skillfully drag us through the vortex of events in a skillful and timely manner. By studying the first traces of Ciri's presence, we systematically discover different heroes with whom we will be connected the next objectives and side quests. These are great and naturally entangled between the main plot. They get involved quickly. Not because they are just additional tasks, thanks to which we will acquire the necessary experience, but above all because they are in a way an extension of the main thread learned, and even a strong point above and. Very often seemingly trivial tasks from which we may inadvertently give up (because we don't want to do such a trivial thing), they turn into an intriguing short adventure – like the ritual murder investigation, where Geralt not only performs an autopsy, but then pursues the criminal himself. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gratuit definitely convinces by the quality of the quests, but their number is also impressive. Something is constantly preventing us from looking for Ciri. And we want to complete an interesting mission and kill a monster, collect special witcher gear or visit one of the hundreds of mysterious locations, deliberately marked on the map with a question mark. Unexplored places can hide treasures, defended by a pack of wolves, a group of drowned or trolls. It may be a colony occupied by bandits who, after reflexion, will once again be inhabited by people. We will find monster nests, we will come across abandoned graves and sometimes we will even start an extra task.

Anyway, the story intelligently and carefully takes us to different places, so that we do not get lost in this size, but peacefully discover dark and dangerous corners along the way. Of course, it depends on us in which direction we will go. Once, somewhere at the beginning of the story, Płotka took me to the west coast, where I came across a protruding rock and a lighthouse, to which led a raised drawbridge. A wyvern fell on me from above – big, strong, confident. I ran away out of breath, without any chance of winning, but I remembered this lighthouse. I came back to it in the future. The world presented just wants to be explored. All you need is a first contact with a saddle to fall in love with traveling on horseback. It's only a game, but it’s not so easy to forget to enter Oxenfurt or Novigrad. When we pass the guards in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gratuit walk, and that a cobbled street is heard under the hooves, we move our soul in this fantasy world and sink into an amazing atmosphere. Forget the graphics in technical terms. Graphics aren't just pixels and textures, they are not the resolution or the number of blades of grass. Graphic design is a vision and a way to implement it. The Witcher 3 has one of the greatest artistic visions in big budget role-playing games. Consistent and realized with great momentum. He impresses almost everything we meet on our way. Already a visit to the hostel, that we reach at dusk in the pouring rain, lets feel like we're going to drink a pint of honey and warm ourselves by the fire. And that's just the beginning. Castles, wetlands, through the villages, the colonies and finally the cities – all this is extremely tangible. Almost true.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger

Dans The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gratuit, it perfectly highlights this state of affairs of the rising and setting sun and the changing weather conditions before our eyes. A beautiful morning, with fog in the valley, makes you feel good about the adventure. The sun is heating up, the birds are singing and the wind sounds between the trees and the bushes. The villagers are busy when the first thunder is heard in the distance. Moments pass. The clouds are approaching, with heavy rain clouds and lightning. You can hide in the tavern or stand and admire the phenomenon. The forces of nature play, lightning strikes, the wind is beating, that in a moment the sun will look again behind the clouds, and the children will happily run on the paths. The landscape and the colors around you change depending on the time of day. At dawn, the world comes to life, nature is still asleep, pastel, silhouetted against soft shadows. In the middle of the day, when it's sunny, the colors are more intense and the rays strongly illuminate the earth. Emotions reach high after entering the city, when architecture takes your breath away. We stop for a moment to admire the splendor and the richness, but then we stop when we reach the port and watch the huge ships and sailors bustle about. Similar feelings accompany the descent to the first best tomb or underground. With the torch in your hand and your itchy hand to pull out the sword, we plunge into the darkness. You never know what's hiding around the corner. When we think we've seen it all, we reach the icy mountain Skellige, with many islands scattered around. And we relive it all and Skellige seals the image of a game that can arouse admiration and interest in travel alone. This time, Geralt can not only jump over fences, but also do longer jumps, even on rocky ledges, as well as climbing and diving in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

We can't reach many places, especially in the mountains, only by narrow paths and rocks, where you will have to show some reflexes. Swimming and diving allow you to obtain treasures, but they can also be useful for exploring underwater passages. Courage and consistency – this is probably the key to understanding why this vision is so perfect. Courage, because the artists of the Warsaw studio have finally shown their identity and their confidence in a world created by a renowned writer; they are also fascinated to achieve the achievements of our culture, to integrate it effectively into the gaming world. Consistency because from start to finish they are not easy. Dziki Gon enchants with the interior design of both a simple chalet room and a splendidly decorated palace. It's almost a costume show The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Download when you see beautifully sewn and richly decorated costumes in motion. When we finally participate as Geralt in the rituals we once learned from the pages of a well-known school reading, all this is important to us, but it will undoubtedly also be interesting for players from other parts of the world to discover. Maybe even more than for us. The independent characters are equally expressive and memorable. Fucker Junior is one of the leaders of the Novigrad criminal underworld. A supporting character perfectly exemplifying the authors' approach to the aforementioned lack of compromise in virtually every aspect of the game.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gratuit

Fucker is a good thing – we hear in a dialogue. – Fuck this, Fuck that – our interlocutors say elsewhere. When we meet Junior, there is no doubt that he is indeed a real motherfucker, and we have come to a world that does not lose its authenticity for a moment. During the trip, we will meet more intriguing and important supporting characters, and most of them are never black and white. We will also meet old friends. Everything is completed by well-written dialogues, well-directed and enjoyable to watch cutscenes, bolder than anywhere else in sex scenes. The world of The Witcher 3 is therefore colorful and alive. People roam the streets, busy with their own business. Players play, the guards patrol, roosters run and courtesans look for rich clients – we can use these services ourselves. Here and there, bandits attack richer passers-by. Sometimes, they find someone like Geralt, losing their limbs or even their heads. The fight was fought almost perfectly, even if it takes a while to start using the associated character development system properly. After a few hours, the whole starts to blush to take advantage of the diversity and the finesse of the solutions from a certain point. The clashes are The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Download fast and engaging.

We gain experience by performing tasks and in combat In addition to the main missions already mentioned and really interesting side items, we can also take orders from monsters from the tables, and from time to time, we will meet other smaller events. Here and there, they still need help with the witers. Some tasks are not worth taking without having the right level – this is also marked in the list. This also applies to future story missions, which sort of requires you to complete at least some of the side quests. Let's be calm, however – the game doesn't force us to do all the little things and explore every corner before taking something more serious. But even a simple side task, the order or research of swords or armor was well designed – in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger, it usually ends up exploring intriguing parts of the world, interesting fights or conversations. Authors are often witty, remarkable ingenuity and creativity. By gaining the next level of experience, we get a point that we invest in the selected skill. There are three traditional trees – combat, magic and alchemy – and in each sixteen different talents, with the possibility of developing them at the following levels. There is also an additional tree with general abilities. We can activate a limited number of skills at a time – the maximum is twelve locations, in addition supported by four mutagens. Mutagens have a specific purpose and enhance those active skills which are identical to the placed mutagen.

At a later stage, we create different combinations and thus enrich the fight and have fun in a slightly different way. Ultimately, we can always buy a relatively expensive potion to reset all the points and distribute them again, and the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Télécharger scattered around the world of Power Places at first contact will also enrich us with a point to invest in skills. The system works well in the context of battles with various monsters and at higher difficulty levels. The game world is rich in various monsters, dead bodies, insectoids or draconids; trolls, wyverns and sirens. By discovering their weaknesses, we are able to adapt our active and mutagenic skills to better manage the enemy in charge. Probably the biggest downside to this system is the fact that future abilities are unlocked very slowly. – we can't immediately spend skill points from the bottom of the tree. Unless we are interested in secondary tasks and commands and are not using the places of power mentioned above, we will be using very similar talents for a long time. Meanwhile, alchemy plays an important role as usual. During the adventure, we acquire various recipes and manuscripts, which then allow you to create potions. The ingredients are both plants and monster organs or tissues. The oils, elixirs and decoctions are part of the witcher's toolbox, so it is worth creating them. We fight the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Download with a steel or silver sword. A distance crossbow is also available. This time, we do not do any sequences and we have complete freedom. A button is responsible for a quick sword stroke, and the other for a heavy blow. Geralt can also counter and avoid getting hit, and – oh – he can roll on the ground. We use bullets more often at the start. And once you master the art of dodging Witcher and our active talents make it more showy, the fight starts to look like dancing. Geralt jumps and circles the opponent, change position, throws signs, avoid blows, and ends up jumping down the throat like a wolf and cut passionately until the blood spurts out and the limbs fly.

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