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Watch Dogs Legion Gratuit is the third edition of the famous Ubisoft game series. The main novelty is the ability to take control of any neutral form. The action takes place in postbrexit London and the story centers on the hacked group DedSec. Watch Dogs Legion is an open world action game, which constitutes the third part of the series launched in 2014. The title was developed by Ubisoft's in-house studio, headquartered in Toronto.

Watch Dogs Legion campaign takes place in the future, some time after Brexit (who left the European Union through the United Kingdom), that took place in the gaming world on 29 mars 2019. Since then, the country (and the whole world) radically changed. Progressive automation, as well as the dynamic development of research on artificial intelligence, have led to a dramatic increase in unemployment; cryptocurrencies are beginning to supplant more and more traditional money; the government, who should in principle ensure order and ensure the well-being of citizens, “tightens more and more”, and mass surveillance and arrests are the order of the day. Such things contrast with the well-known DedSec group, known from previous parts of the series, which has become a kind of resistance movement. In action Watch Dogs Legion Gratuit, we observe from the point of view of the third person (TPP). The production gives us a somewhat cyberpunk incarnation of London – the sky is filled with drones, and the streets are constantly monitored with thousands of cameras.

The characteristic places of this city, such as Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Tower Bridge ou le London Eye, do not miss. After the metropolis, we can walk (which makes it more attractive to overcome the obstacles of the terrain in a glossy way) or at the controls of one of the futuristic vehicles. The driving force of the game lies in various missions and, apart from them, various ancillary activities await the control. An important element of the game is the clashes with the opponents, which can be eliminated both in open combat and in silence, sneak up behind them and kill them (or knock them out if we want to avoid a bloodbath) by surprise (in which special camouflage makes it difficult for the adversary to detect). The authors give us a wide range of weapons and gadgets – the last one is dominated by a smartphone, which is our basic working tool (to hack electronic devices or scan citizens and adversaries), but our offer also includes flying drones or remote-controlled robots. spider-like.

Unlike its predecessors, Watch Dogs Legion Gratuit does not have a main character. Instead of that, during the game, we can take control of any neutral form, which shows sympathy for the DedSec group; while many NPCs will be happy to support our resistance movement at the start, others must be convinced, for example by performing special tasks. Right now, we can have twenty of these rebels, between which we exchange at any time. It should be remembered that each potential member of the DedSec group not only has a unique look and personality., but also predispositions which are reflected in the notes possessed; While a character can get out of prison faster (more in an instant), others can do more damage when their life drops to a critical level, or better to face the silent elimination of enemies.

Based on this knowledge, we still have to assign one of the three specializations to the recruit, making him a control officer focused on fighting, silently raising an infiltrator or hacker specializing in hacking computer systems. The game implements the mechanics of permadeath, which means that after the death of a character, we have no way to resuscitate him. However, when our lives are in danger, in many cases, you can give up. Ensuite, our protégé goes to the aforementioned prison, which temporarily excludes him from the game; what is interesting, nothing prevents him from remaining in the shoes of a different character, which shortens his stay behind bars (pulling him legally or by force). In Watch Dogs Legion telecharger, you can play alone or with a maximum of three players. In the game, there was a multiplayer cooperation mode, allowing joint exploration of London and specially prepared missions. PC games area

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Release name : Watch Dogs Legion InstallShield.exe
Format: .exe
Platform: PC
Language: French

Watch Dogs Legion Free Game


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1. Click on the button “Download Game”.
2. Download the game on PC.
3. Run the downloaded file.
4. Go through the installation game process.
5. After installing the game start.
6. To play.

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