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We're back in the fight to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Dying Light 2 Download, like its predecessor, is an action game with arcade elements in which we control the actions of the hero from the first person perspective.

Dying Light 2 Download

The action of the game unfolds 15 years after the outbreak of the epidemic in The City, Europe, who is humanity’s last bastion in a world decimated by zombies. To survive, the player will have to fight not only with the living dead, but also with people.

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One of the biggest changes we feel after the first few seconds with the game is the parkour system. after the jump, the main character can hover in the air for quite a long time, especially if we keep the button pressed, which makes us feel a bit like being over the moon at first. This has its pros and cons – on the one hand, we have plenty of time to change direction and land perfectly, but on the other hand, running in the city is not as dynamic as in the “number one”, and Aiden seems almost unnaturally light. However, we quickly get used to the new parkour and start to use the benefits it brings.

Nocturnal experiences in Dying Light 2 Download

The second important aspect is night gameplay, who this time isn’t so laid back. In the dark (even the day, in buildings !), each inhabitant of The City is gradually transformed into “zombie”, same goes for the main character. To stay human, as the game's subtitle says, you will need to find a source of ultraviolet light which delays the transformation and gives you more time to explore – Where, if possible, just step out into the sun. If the player does not, Aiden dies and we have to start the game from the checkpoint.

Dying Light 2 torrent

The beneficial light source can be UV lamps placed on roofs – which completely reset the transformation counter – as well as solutions “immediate”, like UV mushrooms, that the character crushes in his hands and inhales, or special boosters. At the stage of character development, in the build at our disposal, Aiden could only stay 7 minutes in the dark without any booster, while we still had a handful of mushrooms in stock.

In an interview with us, lead game designer, Tymon Smektała, compared night gameplay to diving. The deeper we go, the greater the risk and the need to prepare more “oxygen” are tall. May be too early to assess mechanisms, but it's hard to resist the feeling that it can be frustrating for players who prefer a slower pace of exploration – especially since part of the activity can only be done at night, which is also new for Dying Light 2 Download PC.

The night also raises the adrenaline level with encounters with strong and fast undead that, when they see Aiden, start a lawsuit, almost like in GTA, divided into intensity levels. A mad escape through the rooftops of The City is a stressful experience – In the correct meaning of the term – and a real struggle for survival, which takes on a new dimension as the counter turns into infected. Will you try to increase your distance from enemies or risk stopping and applying UV mushrooms ? The sequel also returns the ability to turn your head while running, which literally allows you to face death.

The night is also a time for “shopping” , but in this world it’s obviously not going to the grocery store, but a serious threat. The said of the forgotten shops which hide a precious booty. Visiting such an installation is a real horror scene – the player has to sneak between shelves and store shelves, gather resources and avoid the infected who are in a dream state, huddled on the floor or standing, head down and hands down. The hair is standing on end.

A tough fight

In addition to parkour, combat was the mainstay of the first Dying Light 2 Download, and it’s no different this time. In the “of them”, however, he is – as bad as it sounds – plus “fleshy”. Through disgusting sounds and spilled blood, we feel the power of every blow, and cutting limbs activates special animations, for example an enemy who limped on one leg. Of course, we fight with both humans and undead, and the proportions are quite similar to Dying Light 1, so half and half.

Dying Light 2 free

It seems that the combat this time requires better use of space , i.e. intelligently shorten the distance before the attack, then retreat after the attack. On another side, spinning around his opponent and hitting him again and again often rendered him unable to do anything. As for ranged weapons, we only had the chance to shoot archery and its efficiency seems invaluable. We anticipate that if you play with the mouse, this weapon will still be too powerful.

Sadly, in the builds available to us, the character was not very developed, so many attributes related to movement or acrobatic combat skills were simply not available. However, it is certainly possible, for example, take off against a stunned enemy and coo another opponent from above, whether with a weapon or a kick.

To conclude the subject of the fight, it is impossible not to mention that in Dying Light 2 Download on pc is not the only solution. Aiden can silently strangle enemies – including the living dead – to hide in the tall grass, distract attention by throwing various objects and, if necessary, comme dans The Last of Us, stun the enemy with a quick throw of a bottle or brick.

Dying Light 2 free

In the case of stealth, however, there is a big problem – the artificial intelligence of human adversaries, which is not too high. For some reason, opponents react very slowly to the presence of the character and even running in full rush among a group of people may not fully attract their attention. Enemies also don't seem to care too much about the sight of killed allies, and also – a little – damage suffered. Pc game God of War TéléchargerThere is even a situation with Skyrim, already immortalized on memes, when an arc to the head alerts the enemy, but as long as we hide in a safe hideout, instead of starting the search, he stays in the same place. irony of fate, the bandits say “It must have been the wind”, known from Skyrim, which is admittedly a deliberate nod to gamers, but that kind of stops the laughs in the context of how good the artificial intelligence is.

A delicious city

The place of action, i.e. The City, looks great and is not one, but some big steps forward compared to the previous installment of the series. The combination of concrete remains of a vanished city with improvised wooden structures and reborn vegetation on the roofs is quite impressive. Techland contributed to both macro and micro scale design – the city delights with its views from above, but also up close, when looking at many details designed with extraordinary care, even surprising.

Human settlements and streets are full of small objects, ornaments and Dying Light 2 torrent various types of materials that give depth to the city. However, we are delighted by the “zombies” who not only occupy squares and sidewalks, but also effectively fall through the windows of buildings, come out of sewers or ventilation.

Dying Light 2 Download

Zombies are a threat in large groups

The City is also more interesting thanks to its inhabitants . In the settlements, we find people going about their business, how to repair wooden barricades, water flower beds or read the list of advertisements. The cathedral in the bazaar district that we had the opportunity to visit has been transformed into a hideout and was full of NPCs, free games to download, some of which offered missions. Inside, there was buzzing, music was playing and the UV light emitted by the lamps gave the place an unusual atmosphere, even club.

Out, a group of outcasts were warming themselves by the fire, praying to heaven for grace, someone else was rummaging the dumpster for even a valuable coin. Given the credibility and diligence of execution, the city is one of the strongest elements of Dying Light 2 free.

In the context of The City, it's worth mentioning that later in the game, we end up in a neighborhood called Central Loop, who turns the game to 180 degrees. It is a much more urbanized place, whose sight is almost overwhelming at first glance. We have high skyscrapers here, viaducts and the metro, and we move much less often on the ground than in the district of Old Villedor described so far. In return, we get a paraglider, whose flight can be extended through the use of vents located in various locations, blowing air upwards. We can access the roofs of high-rise buildings directly from the ground, using convenient elevators.

The appearance of the characters encountered on the road is a bit more interesting than in the first Dying Light , and even some people unrelated to the main plot may be remembered. However, there are still many heroes either too sterile (in terms of behavior and appearance), be even comically exaggerated in a clichéd way, like a bald man who does not speak, just purrs and growls, and Aiden tries to figure out what he means.

Dying Light 2 Free PC

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Here are the hardware requirements :

Dying Light 2 – Hardware requirements (no ray tracing)

Minimum requirements (1080p / 30 FPS)

  • Processor : Intel Core i3-9100 ou AMD Ryzen™ 3 2300X
  • RAM : 8 Go
  • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Small or AMD Radeon RX 560 (4 Go de VRAM)
  • Operating system : Windows 7
  • Disk space : hard drive 60 Go

Recommended configuration (1080p / 60 FPS)

  • Processor : Intel® Core i5-8600K ou AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
  • RAM : 16 Go
  • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 Go or AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8 Go
  • Operating system : Windows 10
  • Disk space : SSD 60 Go

Dying Light 2 – system requirements (with ray tracing enabled)

Minimum requirements (1080p / 30 FPS)

  • Processor : Intel Core i5-8600K ou AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
  • RAM : 16 Go
  • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8 Go
  • Operating system : Windows 10
  • Disk space : SSD 60 Go

Recommended configuration (1080p / 60 FPS)

  • Processor : Intel Core i5-8600K ou AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • RAM : 16 Go
  • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10 Go
  • Operating system : Windows 10
  • Disk space : 60 Go SDD
Game quality remains an issue. It's hard to complain about Aiden's role, but the other actors have problems with empathy and expressing emotions. Face animations are also, the best, correct. The dialogues – which are quite few compared to number one – are often stretched unnecessarily, because some words seem “strengths”, even if they don’t add anything to the conversation or expand our knowledge of the world.

choose wisely

The plot is hard to judge after a four-hour fragment, but we definitely had to make a few choices during testing, presented in the form of a classic dialogue with alternatives listed – sometimes with a time limit. Risk a night trip and help a young boy on a mission or save his own skin ? Ne Dying Light 2 Get involved in a local conflict and prioritize a personal goal or help locals regain access to water ? These are examples of the dilemmas we have struggled with, and we don't know “importance” of these choices because there was too little time to understand the wider consequences.

Choices also include deciding which faction to give power over restored power plants, which impacted the balance of power in the city as well as the appearance and functionality of the city. for example, in exchange for the allocation of electricity to the so-called Blue Helmets, we could receive stationary cannons in various places or lanterns armed with Molotov cocktails, while the faction of survivors responded with descent ropes or inflated pillows.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that the developers provided us with not only the PC version, but also the PS4. On the old console, Dying Light 2 free works surprisingly well. Of course, reduction of liquidity to 30 FPS wreaks havoc, but we didn’t really feel a drop – even when we deliberately wanted to trigger them by gathering a group of “zombies” in one place and detonating the gas canister. .

Dying Light 2 Download makes a good impression, especially against the backdrop of a delightful city, but the very low level of artificial intelligence and the shallow dialogues in some places affect the game, and the limited-time Nighttime Exploration won't appeal to everyone. Fortunately, combat and parkour are still at a high level – slightly higher than that of “number one”. This promises to be a very solid sequel, although after so many years, we probably expected a little more.

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